Engage consumers through contests, offering rewards for participation, fostering interaction, motivation, and building brand loyalty and awareness.

Konnect With Mobikonnect

Curious about why WhatsApp prevails over SMS despite cost parity? Prompt acknowledgment matters. Likewise, modern customers seek instant gratification, our forte. Considering demographics, preferences, and budgets, we craft web and mobile loyalty programs. Our in-house platform streamlines the cycle from creation to execution, with automated notifications, dashboards, and reports for swift campaign assessment.

Consumer Loyalty Platform

Introducing our Consumer Loyalty Platform – a dynamic solution that enhances brand engagement by rewarding customer loyalty. Through tailored incentives, personalized offers, and seamless interaction, this platform fosters enduring connections. Harnessing consumer data, it drives targeted marketing strategies while creating a sense of value and appreciation. By nurturing a loyal customer base, this platform elevates brand advocacy, boosts repeat business, and cultivates brand ambassadors, resulting in sustained growth and success.

Trade and Channel Loyalty

Elevate your distribution network with Trade and Channel Loyalty solutions. Recognizing the vital role of partners, this program offers incentives and rewards to foster stronger alliances. By aligning mutual interests, it encourages partner engagement, sales growth, and brand advocacy. This strategic approach enhances partner relationships, incentivizes performance, and creates a collaborative ecosystem for mutual success. Through personalized rewards and targeted support, Trade and Channel Loyalty initiatives drive brand loyalty, market expansion, and sustained profitability.

CRM Programs & Automation

Optimize customer relationships with our CRM Programs & Automation. This comprehensive solution streamlines interactions, centralizing customer data for personalized engagement. Through automated processes, it enhances efficiency in customer communication, task management, and data analysis. This strategic approach empowers businesses to deliver timely and relevant experiences, bolstering customer satisfaction and loyalty. By harnessing technology to manage customer interactions, CRM Programs & Automation pave the way for improved efficiency, better insights, and enhanced customer relationships.

Referral Programs

Unleash the power of word-of-mouth marketing with our Referral Programs. Empower your customers to become brand advocates by referring friends and family. As referrals convert to new customers, we reward both parties, creating a mutually beneficial cycle. This program not only drives customer acquisition but also builds a community of engaged supporters. Harness the potential of trusted recommendations, expanding your customer base while nurturing loyalty through shared experiences and rewards.

Database-driven Activation

Ignite engagement with Database-driven Activation. This data-centric strategy leverages consumer insights to tailor marketing efforts. By analyzing preferences, behavior, and demographics, brands create targeted campaigns that resonate. This approach maximizes ROI by delivering relevant content and offers, fostering meaningful connections. Through database-driven activation, brands transform data into impactful experiences, driving conversions and long-term loyalty.

Loyalty Campaigns

Loyalty Campaigns are strategic initiatives designed to cultivate enduring customer allegiance. By offering personalized rewards, exclusive benefits, and engaging experiences, these campaigns forge strong connections. They heighten brand engagement, encourage repeat transactions, and foster brand advocates. Acknowledging and appreciating loyal customers, these campaigns create a symbiotic relationship extending beyond transactions. Beyond revenue, loyalty campaigns solidify brand presence, propelling sustained growth and success in the market.


Contest & Rewards

Contests are promotional activities where participants compete to win a prize based on specific criteria. Rewards are incentives or benefits given to customers for their loyalty or participation in marketing activities.

Contests and rewards engage customers, boost brand visibility, encourage participation, and create a sense of excitement, leading to increased customer loyalty and brand affinity.

You can run various contests such as photo contests, caption contests, quiz contests, user-generated content challenges, voting competitions, and more.

Rewards can include discounts, coupons, free products, exclusive access, gift cards, merchandise, and even experiences like trips or VIP events.

Clearly define contest rules, eligibility criteria, judging criteria, and entry guidelines. Communicate these rules transparently to participants.

Rewards create a positive customer experience, encourage repeat purchases, foster brand loyalty, and often generate word-of-mouth referrals.

Track metrics like participation rates, engagement levels, website traffic, social media interactions, and the impact on sales or conversions.

Design contests and rewards that reflect your brand's values, tone, and messaging. Ensure that the prizes and activities are relevant to your target audience.


Kohinoor Rice "Asli Bharose Ka Asli Tyohaar"

Kohinoor Rice's "Asli Bharose Ka Asli Tyohaar" campaign, spanning 60 days in Gujarat


Cadbury Bournvita Biscuit "Breakfast in Paris"

Cadbury Bournvita launched an ambitious 60-day nationwide campaign, "Breakfast in Paris,"


Mattel Toy Blast

Mattel, the renowned toy company, launched the "Mattel Toy Blast" campaign, spanning 60 days.


Cadbury Perk Play & Win - A Sweet Success in Gamified Marketing

Cadbury's Perk Play & Win campaign, lasting for 90 days, is s a testament to the brand's innovative marketing strategies